After A Couple Of Glasses Of Wine Wife Had A Complete Breakdown For This Reason.

So we recently moved into a new place and my wife decided to splurge and get a Roomba. We don’t have any pets, so she decided to name him Bolbi and make him a part of the family. Well, our poor Roomba didn’t live up to the challenge of cleaning our apartment so I suggested today that we return it and get a better one, and my wife was in agreement.

Well, a couple of glasses of wine deep and my wife is having a breakdown on the couch so I ask her what’s wrong. Apparently Bolbi (the Roomba) is now her child and she feel like a traitor for returning him to get a better one. It’s 10:00pm on a Saturday night and she’s trying to contact UPS to cancel the return because she doesn’t want Bolbi to be alone in the factory without his moms. So after many tears, and trying to convince my wife that vacuums do not in fact have feelings, we’re now the proud owners of two Roombas.

I just love her and how pure her heart is. That’s all.

Source: Reddit

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