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After A Student Falls Asleep In His Class, This Teacher Takes The Opportunity To Teach A Lesson To Everyone

Teacher Monte Syrie from Cheney, Washington

Monte Syrie, a high school English teacher took to Twitter to clarify why permitted a tired schoolchild nap over one of his lessons. This teacher’s story of deep sympathy and gentleness is extremely inspirational. He teaches at Cheney High School near Spokane, Washington.

Monte took to Twitter to disclose that he caught one of his students, named Meg, napping during his period but he didn’t take it personally. The student had on one occasion told her teacher that her schedule was particularly hectic amid her track timetable and her farm tasks.

Monte advised that educators be extra sympathetic when it comes to their scholars’ lives since they have tasks outside school as well. If the teacher would have given a zero, imagine how it would have affected Meg not only grade-wise but in terms of her general stress level.

Monte then recognized the circumstance that things happening outside his teaching space can be supreme to making the time inside it counts.

He shared his tale about Meg as part of Project 180, or Let’s Change Education, his own pursuit to improve teaching by changing teachers’ attention from scoring to knowledge.


Monte’s story moved people on Twitter and swiftly went viral. Several commenters striking in to acclaim the way he handles the situation and his general viewpoint.

This teacher’s tale certainly echoed with folks who’d gone over comparable circumstances when they were students. Several parents expressed Monte that they wished their children would have fortunate enough to be paired with educators like him.

Monte is not the only exception, there are countless teachers who make a fact of looking out for their scholars’ greatest benefits.

Monte was amazed by the amount of consideration his tale received and took to Project 180’s blog to talk about it.

He wrote that he never expected this kind of amazing outburst of support from all over the country. He further wrote that he never imagined that his story will go viral to such an extent that in last 24 hours, it has received more than 40,000 impressions and the count is still growing.

Monte added that it shows him that there are several out there who arise from a place of empathy and compassion in teaching. There are several others who recognize that they are not creating products in classrooms but they are helping people grow.He further said that ittells him that there are various others out there who have faith that believing their instincts and it is okay going against the grain when it profits our children.  

Monte concluded his statement and said that it tells him that he is not alone and he now know it more than ever.

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