After A Tip Off From His Friend He Found His Daughter At A Homeless Shelter.

When one parent takes a child away from another parent, it can be brutal. Brutal on the emotions. In a perfect world, that would never happen; too painful. But as we all know, our world is, unfortunately, far from perfect.

Bryan, of Oregon, met a woman in 2010 and a romance began. Soon, she had their daughter and they named her Harmony. But things went south between Bryan and the woman, and she left him, taking little 2-year-old Harmony with her. To say the least, Bryan was upset. That was his little girl she ran off with. But he never stopped looking for her.

Two years went by with nothing to go on. Then, out of the blue, a friend called Bryan to let him know he had just seen his ex-girlfriend with a little girl at a Salvation Army site in Spokane, Washington. And, with that, Bryan and and his mom, Cindy, jumped in the car and were off to Spokane.

His ex-girlfriend and daughter were living at the Salvation Army site, homeless. Bryan, now 41, got a court order and had his ex-girlfriend appear before a judge. That judge put Harmony back with her dad. Bryan was then told to sit outside the courtroom.

Says Bryan: “I sat there and the next thing you know I’ve got my daughter coming out, walking by herself. She’s kind of looking around, and I said her name once. She kind of looked at me funny and I said ‘Harmony, it’s daddy.’ Her eyes just kind of lit up…. “It made it all worth it, you know? It was two years I fought through hell just to be a part of my daughter’s life and she was back in my life.”

He showed her pictures on his phone from back more than 2 years ago… back when they were together. And his daughter seemed to remember being with him then. And the ex-girlfriend? She and Bryan were very bitter with each other soon after those court proceedings. Bitterness is almost an automatic in custody situations. But since then, they have been trying to get along, and they’re doing it for the very reason they got bitter in the first place. They’re doing it for the sake of that little girl, understanding that a caring mother and father should have joint custody.

Seems that’s the one thing that most couples forget… when things go bad. That that little girl has more than enough love to give both of them. And eventually, thank goodness, many are able to figure that out on their own.

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