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After being ‘cheated on,’ a woman has her partner’s face tattooed.

A mother and TikTok user has perplexed viewers by exposing a facial tattoo of her purportedly ‘cheating’ boyfriend.

Narally Najm, who claims she is banned from TikTok “everyday,” has been keeping followers up to speed with her life and relationship status since the birth of her baby, King.

Narally shares King with her ex, Laura, whom she refers to as “daddy” in several footage – but she revealed last month that Laura had been cheating on her the whole time.

One video depicts the three family members gathered in front of a mirror, with the caption- “Thinking we were the perfect family. Just gave her a son a week ago, we bought a home and everything seemed so real… Just to find out she was cheating… Even while I was in labour.”

TikTokers rallied around Narally in the aftermath of the discovery, with one telling her she deserves better, but Narally’s reaction stunned viewers.

Clearly, there is no ‘right’ way to cope with being cheated on, yet Narally’s reaction is certainly unconventional, as she confessed getting Laura’s face and name tattooed on her own cheek.

Narally captioned a photo of the tattoo on TikTok- when everyone is envious of her because she got DADDY’S face tattooed on her even if DADDY cheats.

The TikToker didn’t stop there, and subsequently exposed a second tattoo on her neck, with the caption: “Daddy DADDY DADDY! [I don’t care] WE NOT TOGETHER AND THIS IS WHAT I WANT.”




One viewer commented on the video, saying, “If I were the artist.. I wouldn’t let it.”

“I just don’t understand,” said another.

In another tribute to Laura, Narally unveiled a wall of her home that was totally covered in photographs of the couple and danced in front of the scene while clutching another large picture.

Laura responded in a video, saying there was “no such thing as loyalty” and threatening to “show up on this app with a bunch of females” if Narally continued to “push” the issue.


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The duo were also seen addressing their position in a video involving both of them, in which Narally admitted they weren’t dating and emphasised that Laura’s tattoo was not for (her).

“”It’s for myself,” she explained before turning to face the camera and stating,”I don’t know why she thinks I got my tattoo for [herself]. I didn’t get my tattoo for [her].”

Despite Laura’s response, Narally has stated that she plans to get additional tattoos.

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