After Overhearing Veteran At Another Booth, Woman Immediately Calls Manager Over And Asks To Cover Tab.

War veteran is seen dining alone at a Texas Roadhouse in Savannah, Georgia. While all the other patrons see him sitting alone in his jacket that is all covered with war veteran badges. Some even are taking pictures of this gentleman.

As anyone passes by his booth, he warmly welcomes them, he says “Hi, how are you all doing tonight” and even when you pass him to go leave, you’ll find a courteous tone wishing you goodbye and have a good night.

Some patrons took an interest and some just ignored him. But the waiter, out of all the patrons, was the only one to go and personally meet the war veteran, kneel down on the side of the booth to listen to all the interesting stories the vet had for the kid.

When it came to paying the bill, the war veteran was happily surprised to know that everything had been already taken care of. In fact, everyone around in the restaurant, looking at the waiter and the veteran indulged in a conversation, everyone offered to pay his bill.

A simple act of kindness like saying a sincere welcome, or paying for someone’s dinner can make all the difference.

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