Airport Authorities Handled This Autistic Boy Beautifully.

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Dear TSA,

You are my sunshine. I will brag about you to anyone who will listen. I called you on Thursday morning in a worried frenzy. I was overly anxious and driving myself nuts about flying with my son for the first time. He’s 13…and has autism.

I was worried about airport security and how his anxiety would create a giant meltdown. But you made it flawless.

When we walked through your doorway at 5 a.m., there were people everywhere. Hundreds upon hundreds of people waiting to pass security…and get on with their spring break. Fear struck me. Hard. My heartbeat quickened. I started to breathe faster.

I looked over at my son and smiled, trying not to show my fear. He pointed at the long line and said, “no thank you.”

And before I could even take another calming breath…Alicia appeared. Your passenger support specialist.

Sweet, precious Alicia. Sent to us from TSA heaven. She spoke directly to my son. She treated him like a person with feelings and a voice and worth. With her super powers she lifted a divider, motioned us through, and escorted us to the front of the line.

We went through a gentle security check where no one put their hands on us or even said much. We didn’t even have to remove our shoes. Alicia escorted us to our gate, saving us from panic…because our flight was not listed on the reader board.

Total time from the moment we walked in the front door to being seated at the gate: 14 minutes.

Thank you TSA, from the bottom of my heart for making this experience stress-free. And for caring enough to understand that some people just process differently and need extra TLC.

Your new BFF,


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