AITA for giving my part of the inheritance to my brother when my sister needs it for her IVF

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My (34M) father (65M) died a few months ago and his estate is now being divided between me and my two siblings.

I have enough money and don’t really need the inheritance. My siblings and I were talking about the money that is supposed to be divided 3 ways.

I’m childless, my brother (33M) has 3 small kids and my sister ( 41F) has been trying for a baby for over a decade now.

I told them that since I don’t need the money, I’m thinking of giving it to my brother, because he has been struggling financially and can use the money. My sister asked if I could instead give it to her for her last round of IVF (that would cost her share + my share of the inheritance) as it’s her last chance to have a baby.

I told her I’m sorry, but our brother doesn’t have much money and has 3 kids depending on him, so I feel that it’s better he gets my money. She asked me if my brother’s kids are more important than hers and I said “well yes, the living children take priority over the imaginary”.

She was very hurt, called me an AH for 

1) not helping her out and 

2) insulting her and belittling her struggles.

I need some advice on if I’m wrong? 

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