All Men Will Think Twice After Reading Wife’s Open Letter To Her Husband.

Story by Erin Eddy

To my husband: I really did work on the laundry today.

But as I was hanging your shirts, one of the kids finished with their bath and hollered for a towel. And after I’d handed him a towel, the oven buzzed because the pizza was done.

But as I divvied up the slices, the little guy spilled his milk. And when I went to grab a paper towel, the dog whimpered for water.

But as I quickly filled her bowl, a fight erupted in the kids’ room. But by the time I’d settled the dispute, there was a knock at the door. And as I signed for the package, someone knocked over my plant. And by the time I’d swept the dirt, it was time to start dinner.

But as I cooked the spaghetti, the noodles stuck to the bottom. And as I scraped the pan, someone yelled for help from the bathroom. But after I’d helped him with the toothpaste, someone needed a hug. And after I’d kissed everyone goodnight, I wanted time with you. And in just a little bit I’ll go to bed having not accomplished all that I’d wanted to.

But I really did work on the laundry today. And I’ll work on it some more tomorrow. 

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