“Almost 25, Got To Take My Shirt Off In Front Of Other People For The First Time Ever Today.”

Source: Reddit

I have been morbidly nearly obese my entire life, I remember wearing a shirt in the pool at 8 years old. Around 10, my obesity had gotten so out of control that I developed large stretch marks across my entire body. I remember looking in the mirror at this age and being so horrified by my body and yet clueless as to how I arrived at this point, I made the decision then that I would never horrify anyone else by taking my shirt off. I turned down every pool party invite, every boating or beach outing, anything with water, I was out. And for nearly 15 years, the only water that had touched my skin was that of a shower, until today.

I have lost over 250lbs. At 18 I decided to finally do something about my weight and the life I was missing out on living. I taught myself about proper nutrition, hit the gym, and got down to 150lbs from 400lbs+. I guess because of my youth I luckily don’t have tons of loose skin, but I do still have the stretch marks which have mostly faded and I found a good concealer to cover the remainder. But overall I think I look pretty f**king good and am excited to look even better.

Some friends randomly hit me up and sent me directions to a pool party today and I just said, f**k it. Showed up and popped my top off, quickly glanced for any horrified gawks, and there were none!! No one had noticed my body at all, and as I realized I was now swimming for the first time that I can remember, I nearly cried tears of joy.

I swam in that pool for almost 6 hours today and I think i’ll be heading to the beach tomorrow.

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