“Am I A Jerk For Being 30 Weeks Pregnant At My Sister’s Wedding?”

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For some background, my husband and I have a four year old daughter. We decided at the end of 2021 we wanted to try for another baby beginning Jan 2022. From January – March we had no positive tests and figured the second one may be more challenging. Then in April my sister got engaged to her now fiancé.

My husband and I decided we would stop trying until we knew the wedding date so we did not bring a newborn to a wedding or have a due date really close to it. They found a venue they loved and booked it for May 2023. We waited until we were in the clear of this date range to begin trying again so that we wouldn’t have a newborn or have me ready to burst in the same time frame.

Once we were in the time frame of June 2023 we decided to continue trying but assumed it would take awhile as we hadn’t gotten pregnant from Jan-March of this year. Turns out it was only one more try necessary and I am now expecting and will be 30 weeks for their wedding.

We have just now started telling our family that we are expecting and opted to tell my sister and her fiancé first to let them know I will be 30 weeks and that we will be there as long as I am not on bed rest or anything else happens. The venue is 45 mins from our house and 25 mins from the hospital. So far it is a healthy pregnancy, and I had no complications with my first.

I expected her to be happy for me but she is incredibly angry with me and feels that my baby will take away from her wedding day. I feel as though I really tiptoed around her wedding and even put a pause on my own plans for her and her day. I genuinely thought this would take more time than it did as we had issues at the beginning of the year. I even asked if she wanted to replace me in the wedding if she’s more comfortable with that but she has yet to respond to me.

Now that we’re telling family my mom thinks I’m awful for making her wedding about me, my other sister said I should’ve told the family our plans first to determine what was best. I feel like maybe I’m not in the right frame of mind to determine if I am the one in the wrong here. Am I Wrong for being pregnant at her wedding?

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