Am I A Jerk For Not Letting A Woman Leave The Shop Even Tho Her Baby Was Crying?

Source: Reddit

I work in a shoe shop, and as you know almost all the shoes are alarmed. Yesterday a woman came in and got a couple of shoes. While she was looking for the shoes, her baby started crying but she didn’t care and spent 20 minutes in the shop. I didn’t see her going to the cashier since I was at a different part of the shop.

When she got out the alarm went off so i stopped her and asked to check her bags. She told me that her baby was sick and they had to go to the hospital as soon as possible. I told her that it won’t take long and asked to see her bags. She refused and kept on telling me her baby was sick. I called my manager and our manager told the woman that as an employee, I had to check the bags since it was the procedure.

She started crying, shaking and screaming telling me her baby’s situation is going worse and I was the reason for it. The security came in and looked at the bags, and it turns out there was an alarm left on the shoes. (It didn’t take more than 2 minutes to remove and check the bags.)

While she was leaving she kept screaming “If my baby dies, it’s on you.” Which kept me awake the whole night. Today is my free day and it turns out the woman came into the store telling her baby has been kept in the emergency room for the whole night and day, and if they could help the baby earlier they would be home in the night. My coworker told me all the things which made me feel horrible. I’d get fired if I didn’t check her bags and the baby was crying while she was shopping, and she didn’t care. But I still feel like I did the wrong thing…  

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