“Am I A Jerk For Not Removing A Tree From My Property As My New Neighbor Demands?”

Having good neighbours is one of the keys to having a peaceful environment. Unpleasant neighbors are a relatively widespread issue all around the world and throughout history. Read the story and let us know how you would handle such a situation if they were your neighbours.

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I live in my late grandparents home, i’ve spent the last few years modernising it and making it fit my style there is one thing i’ve not touched however and that is the apple tree in the back garden. My grandparents planted it on the day they moved into the House and it came from my Grandfathers family orchard as a sapling, a way of bringing a bit of his family with them.

I love the tree and some of my favourite memories as a child are picking fruit from it or climbing it when I was little. New neighbours recently moved in next door and they keep complaining about the tree wanting it cut down as it is casting shade into their garden where they want to put a hot tub. None of the tree overhangs onto their property at all. It just sadly cuts off light in that one specific area I’ve apologised for but told them I won’t be cutting it down and suggested they put their hot tub somewhere else in the garden as it’s a big space. I’d even planned to try and smooth things over when it grows fruit this year by bringing them a bag of fresh apples.

They are pissed off at me and complaining about how it’s just a tree and it’s not a big deal to cut it down, the husband has also been threatening to get lawyers involved to force me to cut it down i’ll admit that pissed me off and killed any good will I had towards them or desire to smooth things over, i’ve told them to do whatever the f&%k they want but warned them i’ve got a camera in my back garden so if they mess with my tree i’ll know, I set this up a few years ago due to local kids stealing all the apples. I don’t mind giving apples away to people as it grows plenty but I have an issue with people helping themselves.

I know it’s just a tree and it’s perhaps silly to be so enraged by their demands and threats but it has sentimental value to me, is it really that unreasonable for me to not care that it casts some shade into their garden?

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