Am I A Jerk For Refusing My Daughter Apologize To My Wife.

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So I (m32) have my daughter (f15) from a previous relationship in high school.

My wife (f30) and I have 2 sons (5,3) together. We’re planning a family vacation In June to go to Florida, including my daughter. A couple days ago when my daughter was staying over we were discussing what we were planning on doing while on vacation and my wife wanted to go to sea world. My daughter said you guys can go. I’m not going to sea world though I’ll stay at the hotel. My wife said why, so my daughter explained she isn’t a fan of seeing animals contained in a tiny space? But if you guys want to, that’s on you.

My daughter has always loved animals, especially marine life. So I wasn’t surprised. I know she’s watched documentaries on the sea world. But after that my wife was clearly mad and my daughter made up her mind and wasn’t participating in sea world. Later my wife got mad and said I need to make her go since we’re adults and we’re taking her on this trip. And that my daughter needs to apologize to her.

I told her I’m not making my daughter go and she doesn’t have to apologize if she doesn’t want to. She said we can’t leave a 15 year old at a hotel by herself. So I said I’ll stay with her, you can take the boys, I’m not a big fan of sea world anyway.

She said she can’t believe me, and I’m raising someone entitled and I’m being a Jerk. And that’s not right I’m willing to stay with my daughter then be with “my real family”, I just told her my daughter has been in my life longer then her and our sons and we’ve barely talked since then but she still thinks I’m the Jerk in this situation. Do you think her request is reasonable? I need some advice on if I’m wrong ?

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