Am I Jerk For Doing Nothing When My Boss Called Security On My Wife At The Office.

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So my wife, F (26) and I, M (33) have been married for 2 years. I admit that she is a hothead and can be a bit much especially when she’s mad at me. I take responsibility for any mistake I make like not cleaning the bathroom after the shower or filling her car with gas after using it. I even stand there and let her unload her anger and frustration on me BUT only at home and not in public. She tends to start arguing with me in public instead of waiting til we get home.

Recently she’s been coming to my workplace to berate me over something I did the night before like not getting the stuff I said I would get or doing the stuff I said I would do. It’s embarrassing and humiliating, and has been affecting my job to the point where I started getting warning after warning from my superiors who, I believe, have been very patient and understanding especially when my wife makes a fuss at the office.

Last week I was in the middle of a 2hr meeting and next thing I knew was seeing my wife barge in while yelling at me asking why I was keeping my phone turned off (I had to turn it off after getting warnings about it since she forbade me from turning it off). I was stunned, because my superior and co-workers AND potential clients were there. I didn’t even move. My superior dealt with it and called security to get her out.

My wife started arguing with him telling him she came for me then started urging me to get off my seat and tell them to back off. But I didn’t. I just watched as security escorted her out. It was horrible because I had a fear that my job would be lost. She yelled at me repeatedly to get them to stop but she got kicked out eventually.

I got told she’s no longer allowed there and that this was going to be my final, last warning. I apologized then went home. She was there waiting then yelled about me watching and doing nothing while she was getting mistreated and kicked out. I finally snapped and said she was over the line, making a scene that risked my job over a few missed calls. She started crying saying I still should’ve defended her after getting humiliated in front of my co-workers but told her she didn’t have to worry about it because she’s no longer allowed there. She got more furious and went to her mom’s to stay there. What are your opinions? I  need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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