Am I Jerk Telling My Girlfriend That We Cannot Afford For Me To Be Her Sugar Daddy.

A good relationship requires both love,understanding and respect. A bond may bloom and develop into a lovely relationship as long as two individuals find balance and care after one other. However in every relationship money becomes an issue. Read the story to know what happened between this lover and what do you think the boyfriend should do?

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My (M27) girlfriend (23) is absolutely beautiful. And most of her friends are also physically attractive women as well. And they like to party with rich men they meet.

My girlfriend and I have been together for a couple of years. I make a decent living but I’m not NBA rich. I don’t have a trust fund. I’m not a tech millionaire. I just make a very good salary and bonuses. Enough to have paid off a good portion of my house and to have graduated without debt.

I want to retire young enough to enjoy my life so I invest and save most of my money. Not all. I’m still enjoying my life now. I am taking us to an all inclusive in Jamaica for New Year’s.

But she is jealous of her friends. They get lavish gifts and they go out for dinner all the time.

She loves me and we have plans for the future but she keeps bringing up all the things her friends get from their admirers.

I finally snapped and said that I could not afford to be a sugar daddy. She said her friends aren’t like that. So I pointed out that they literally do not make enough money to support the lifestyles they have. I pointed out that one of them drives a $100,000 Lexus and she works part time at a restaurant as a hostess.

She says that I’m calling her friends sex workers, which I would not do, and judging them. So I asked her to explain how her friends afford dinner out at very expensive restaurants while earning minimum wage in some cases.

So now she thinks I’m an a**h**e for making what I feel are apt observations.

She asked if I consider her that way because I pay for everything and earn 6X what she does. I told her no. That I’m proud to have a teacher for a girlfriend. But she is still sulking. What are your opinions? Did I over react?

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