“Am I The Jerk For Only Feeding One Child Frozen Food?”

If you are a stay-at-home parent, you will be bombarded with opinions. Some are completely supportive, while others scrutinise every little thing you do. A mother described how her kid brought over a buddy who was a picky eater who didn’t like the ethnic cuisine the family prepared at home. Read the story to know what the mother did to not keep the child hungry and let us know whom do you support.

Source: Reddit

My son is Indian, and his friend, who is White, are both 9. My son brought his friend over after school on the bus. I messaged his mom and asked if this was okay and how late he was staying. She asked if he could stay until 10. I serve dinner around 8, so he would be eating with us.

I cook a lot of Indian cuisine in my house because that’s what I grew up making. My son told me his friend was picky and asked if I could make him something else. I keep fries and chicken nuggets for when my son has picky friends over. So we all sit to eat, and my son’s friend seems happy with the nuggets, and they go to play after dinner.

The boy’s mom picks him up a little after 9. I get a text later asking why I fed her son frozen food when I cooked a fresh dinner for everyone else. I told her my son said the boy wouldn’t eat what I was making. She said I should have made him something also instead of just getting freezer food.

I told her I provided free childcare without notice, and her kid chose not to eat what everyone else ate. I continued that when I was a child, my mom didn’t offer anyone alternatives to what was made, so he’s lucky I accommodated him. She told me she wouldn’t let her son stay with a child abuser anymore. I need some advice on if I’m wrong?

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