“Am I The Jerk For Telling My SIL That I Will Call The Cops For Child Abandonment The Moment She Steps Out Of The House?”

Being pregnant and then having to raise a kid is typically a personal decision. Families vary, and some may wish to assist with the newborn while others do not feel it is their job. Regardless of the circumstances, expecting a family to assist in raising kids demonstrates entitlement. In this story, the man refused to comply with SIL’s requests to care for her son just since they were living together and was finally given an ultimatum. Read the story and share your thoughts on this.

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Me(25M), my brother Jack(27M) and his wife Jill(25F).

It all started when Jack and Jill got pregnant. Their lease almost ended and my parents invited them to stay at our house. The day they came, Jack asked me why I haven’t moved out of my room yet. I was confused, like wtf, and he told me that he and Jill will be at my room and I will go to the guest room. I refused, but my parents got mad, we got into a fight, I lost and ended up in much smaller guest room.

Then Jill had a problem with my cooking. I eat scrambled eggs with mozzarella and avocado every day for breakfast and she couldn’t stand the smell. She asked me to stop, I refused, my parents got involved, I had to stop. There were problems with other food too, and I had to stop cooking them. I was told I must be more accomodating because she is pregnant. Like that is my problem. Then Jill started to boss me around. We were alone for 8 hours while my parents and Jack worked. She obviously thought I would be her personal maid. I refused, she threw a temper tantrum, like always, and I again had a big fight with Jack and my parents. I was told that she had a high risk pregnancy and was on bed rest, and I’m an a**hole for not helping her. I told Jack that he knocked her up, it’s his responsibility. I stood my ground and in the end Jill’s cousin came to help her sometimes.

Then Jill gave birth to my nephew. I congratulated them when they came home, and that is it. I don’t like babies, so I mostly keep to myself now. But that doesn’t stop Jill from asking for favors. Please watch the baby while taking a take quick shower, please watch it while I make myself some food, etc.. I always refuse and we all have new fights over and over again. It all came to head last Friday when she asked me to watch my nephew while she goes to the pharmacy for baby formula. I refused. She got mad and we had a fight. She grabbed her purse to go anyway and I told her, that the moment she walks out that door I will call the police for child abandonment. I was serious and she knew it. She broke down and screamed what a horrible human being I am, then she ran to her room. She had complete mental breakdown.

When Jack and my parents came home we had the biggest fight yet. Jack accused me of hating Jill and my nephew, upon other things. I told him I refuse to bond because they will weaponize him against me. My parents told me enough is enough. That they can’t believe they raised such a selfish human being. And that either I help or I move out. I’m thinking of a second option. Am I A Jerk ? What Should I Do?

Edit: I work from home and pay 50% of all household expenses, including mortgage. Jack and Jill don’t contribute anything for expenses.

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