Am I Wrong Calling My Brother’s Gf A Gold Digger After She Googled The Cost Of Our Christmas Gifts.

The holiday season may be full of brightness, beauty, and warmth, and it should be spent with those you care about. However, getting into a large disagreement with your family and friends is one of the worst things that could occur during this time. Read the story to know what issues occurred in this family during Christmas and what would you do in this situation?

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My brother James, has a girlfriend, Lindsay, who he’s been dating for seven months. He decided to bring her to Christmas at my house (stay over Christmas Eve and leave the next day after lunch). I’d met Lindsay at drinks before this and she seemed nice.

When they arrived, Lindsay walked in and complimented my decorations (large tree in the foyer) and asked how much they cost. I was a bit surprised by the question but I just said “more than I’d like” and moved on.

Throughout the evening she asked several questions centred around money. She asked my husband how much he paid for our house, my stepdad how much money he made in his previous job, how much my watch cost. She even googled one of our art pieces to see how much it sold for and started talking about how crazy it was that we spent that much, which frankly was very uncomfortable. My stepdad pulled my brother aside and asked if there was a problem, but my brother just said it was normal for her to do that but he did say he’d speak to her about it.

On Christmas morning we all gathered round to open presents and thankfully, Lindsay didn’t say anything untoward, so I figured James had spoken to her about her intrusive questions. However, at lunch, we were talking about plans for January and Lindsay loudly said she didn’t know how we could afford to do anything in January as she added up the total we’d spent on gifts, and then proudly proclaimed the total amount. The whole table went silent, and honestly I was equal parts shocked and annoyed that someone could be so ignorant. I looked at Lindsay and said “you are the world’s most diligent gold digger. Seriously, would you like to be the family accountant since you’re already tracking expenses?” Lindsay stuttered out an apology and tried to explain but my stepdad just changed the conversation and we moved on. She was mercifully quiet for the rest of dinner.

After they left, my brother messaged me saying I’d really upset Lindsay and was out of line with what I said. I argued that he had said he’d talk to her and he clearly didn’t, not that someone should have needed guidance to know how crass her comments were. He is saying I owe both of them an apology, but I think Lindsay’s behaviour was disgraceful. My parents say Lindsay was wrong but I probably should have said something in private or they could have, and I shouldn’t have said something in front of everyone. Did i go too far here?

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