Am I Wrong Cutting My Single Mother Neighbor Off Our Wifi.

A good neighbor is someone who is kind, courteous, and considerate to their neighbors. In a world full of confusion, stress, and hardships, the individuals who live nearby may make a big impact in one other’s lives. However at times being good can also make people take advantage of you. Read the story to know what this woman felt about helping her single mum neighbour and what do you think she should do?

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I (24f) share a house with two others of similar ages. We all work as freelance creatives and don’t earn loads.

Our next door neighbour Anna (names changed obvs) moved in a few months ago. She has two small children (c8-10) and is a single mum. I was raised by a single mum and so obviously wanted to make sure she was okay, I said if she needed a hand settling in just to let us know.

A week later she knocked on my door asking to use the Wi-Fi for her kids, saying she was having trouble getting the electrician in. Totally fine.

A couple weeks pass, and we get a knock on the door and a child (her child) is standing there with a mobile asking for the password. I give it to him as I’m not really going to say no to a child.

A month or so passes, and we are having a few issues with the Wi-Fi. Nothing major, just buffering and stop and starts on zoom calls. But I work from home sometimes so I need fast wifi. I texted Anna asking if she has got an electrician in (I know she hasn’t as I can see she is connected, but as a gentle nudge). There are now seven additional devices on our Wi-Fi at this point.

She says she’s still having issues getting an electrician in. Fine, whatever. It’s around the holidays, I get it.

Fast forward to now, it’s been nearly three months and no sign of an electrician, all her devices are currently using our Wi-Fi, and we are still having issues with speed. We could upgrade it to be faster, but it’s about 20$ more a month. My roommate says just to cut her off and not say anything, but I feel bad doing that to a single mum.

She also has not attempted any kind of contact/friendship with us besides asking for the Wi-Fi, or asked to extend using it/offer to chip in for it. We have been friendly, given her a gift for Xmas and offered to babysit should she need (5+yrs experience doing this).

Am I A Jerk for just cutting it off/claiming we are having issues with it? Did I go too far here? 

Edit for clarity: she said engineer, not electrician.

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