“Am I Wrong For Leaving The House When My SIL Said She Was On Her Way To Drop The Kids Off For Me To Watch?”

You can’t continually sacrifice your own life for the demands of your parents, siblings, and all the extended family members that are as many as hobbits. Love, respect, and support should not imply living in continual service, at the whims of others. Scroll down for the complete tale, and let us know what you think of the entire weird scenario. Do you have any ideas on how you would have handled the situation?

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I (m30) have a younger brother who is married and has 2 pre-school age kids. He travels a lot for work and his wife is a stay-at-home-mom. When my brother leaves the country he’d tell his wife that if she needed anything, then she should give me a call, then go on and on about how Sil and the kids are my responsibility while he’s gone. I never said I was okay with this since my SIL and I aren’t on the best of terms but I try to help for my nephews sake.

My brother flew out of town for work last week, The next day I got a call from his wife asking if I could watch the kids while she get her hair cut for her sister’s upcoming wedding. I said no because I already had to attend my girlfriend’s art event. SIL pressured me saying stuff like “art events aren’t more important than your nephews” and “your brother is counting on you and he said I could rely on you”, the usual guilt tripping nonsense. I said no means no and hung up.

Literally minutes later I got a text from SIL saying she was on her way to drop the kids off and I better not leave. I didn’t reply. I just got dressed quickly and got the f out of there before she came.

My neighbor called saying he saw my SIL knocking on my door hysterically and checking my windows in an unusual way. I told him to let her, she will leave soon and she clearly did after calling me non stop.

Hours later, my brother called and was mad saying what I did was childish and that I was a terrible uncle to bail on my nephews and my SIL when they needed my help. I told him what went down but he sided with his wife and called me unreliable, irresponsible and a weasel. I tried to cut the argument but he said he was disappointed in me and my childish behavior but I thought that was too much frankly. SIL was and still is incredibly upset with me and my brother got back but refused to see me until I apologized which is f*&^%$ hurtful to him.

I wonder if I should’ve just sucked it up this one time instead of ruining my relationship with my brother like that. I need some advice on if I’m wrong?

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