Am I Wrong For Not Wanting To Give Up My Office So Daughter Can Have Her Own Room.

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I (49m) am the breadwinner of my family. My job requires me to be available at all hours of the day in case of an emergency. My wife (47f) has been a stay-at-home mom since our oldest B (16f) was born. We have three kids B(16f) P(15f) and C(14m). B and P share a bedroom and have since C was born. 

When my wife and I bought our house it had an upstairs master and a first-floor master which we converted into my office. B’s birthday was Friday, and she’s been asking for her bedroom. B has been begging that we convert the office into her own room so she doesn’t have to share a room with her sister and a bathroom with her siblings. 

My wife has been trying to convince me by saying we can move my desk to our bedroom since I barely use it. I’ve been telling her I need the office in case of an emergency and I want to keep my work separate from the spaces I relax in. B got very upset by this and said I’m denying her privacy and space of her own. I pointed out she does have her own space on her side of the bedroom. I also pointed out that she will be sharing a dorm with someone when she goes to college. so she will have lots of practice.

B got very upset by this and said some classic teenager things like I’m ruining her life and she hates me. B also said it’s unfair C has his own room. I asked B if she’d like to share a room with C instead and she said no. 

My wife thinks I’m being selfish and that B and P are growing up and deserve to have their own spaces. My wife keeps telling me I’m being unfair and acting like an a** I pointed out she doesn’t have a job and doesn’t know how important it is to have an office space. 

 I don’t think I’m being an a** but my wife and daughters insist I am. My mother agrees with me that I need my own space to work.  Am I Wrong Or Acting Entitled?

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