Am I Wrong For Refusing To Invite My Dad’s Sugar Baby To My Wedding.

Weddings are one of life’s most beautiful events. A wedding is meant to be celebrated with family and loved ones. Read the story to know what this daughter decided to do in her wedding and let us know do you agree with her?

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I’m 23F. My parents split up when I was 4 because my mom was having an affair with my dad’s brother.

After that went down, my dad went back to college and got another degree, and is now working a very good job that he got through a friend and is very wealthy.

My relationship with my parents was very strained as my mom didn’t let me see my dad until I was a teenager because she wanted to avoid talking to him.

In recent months, my dad has started having a “girlfriend” who we’ll call Sarah, 24F. Sarah is obviously a sugar baby. She doesn’t have a job and my dad pays for everything, and Sarah is always bragging about the expensive stuff that my dad buys her. All of her friends live a similar lifestyle (I have them as friends on social media). The fact that my dad is “dating” a woman who’s a year older than me makes me cringe to the core.

I’m getting married to my partner 24M next summer and I’ve decided that I don’t want Sarah at my wedding. She’s not his girlfriend or partner, she’s his sugar baby.

My dad obviously didn’t take it well and said that Sarah is just as part of the family as my mom’s new husband, and said that I don’t get to decide which relationships are acceptable and which aren’t. He said I’m being self-righteous and continued to deny that Sarah is a sugar baby, and accused me of trying to manipulate him. He said I have my mom to thank for the fact that they aren’t together anymore.

My future MIL and FIL even got involved and said that if Sarah comes to the wedding they won’t be going as they think my dad’s relationship is disgusting.

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