Am I Wrong For Taking Back My Birthday Gift I Gave My Sister.

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So, I’m 24M. My little sister is 14 and has always been interested in art. I moved an hour and a half away when I was 18 and we don’t see eachother often, but I make a point to call/text

It was her birthday yesterday and I thought I’d splurge since she’s been going through a rough time. She’s changed schools twice due to bullying and our mom always tells me that she won’t talk to anyone, is having intense mood swings, etc. I’ve made multiple attempts to help her, but she shuts me down and gets snippy.

Anyway, I got her a set of 150$ artist grade markers called Copics. I’m no art connoisseur, but apparently every artist who’s anybody has them and our parents don’t wanna spend that kind of money for her hobby (they’re about 5$ PER MARKER) and tend to give practical gifts like clothes. Whenever we’ve texted recently it’s been her ranting about them not getting them for her.

even on her birthday she was like a bomb about to go off. She barely acknowledged me and only said hello when she was asked. I was excited to give her the gift but the second I opened it she grabbed them and turned to our mom, saying “See! Even he knows you should’ve got them for me!” Which I awkwardly brushed off. Everytime she opened a gift from our parents it was very snotty like “Oh, yayyyy, cheap sneakers, my favorite.” “A plaid skirt. WOW. I’m blessed.”

I was prepared for an angsty teen, but I soon reached my limit. Our dad showed her a journal they bought and she suddenly yelled “I told you both exactly what I wanted but you spent the same amount of money on sh*t I don’t need! F**k this!” She threw it against the wall and ran up to her room.

Our parents were a lot less well-off when I was her age, and they could barely afford a birthday for me. Everytime it was a dodgy cake and a handful of clothes without holes in them, I accepted them like I was the luckiest kid ever. I would’ve never swore and yelled but she’s been very spoiled.

I talked with them for a while and apparently she’s done worse before which shocks me. They think even if they can afford it now, she should learn the value of a dollar. I agree it helped shape me to not have my every whim be attended to. Besides, she got what she wanted in the end, why is she still mad in the first place?

Sister came back to get the markers, but I took them back. I said that she was ungrateful and I wouldn’t tolerate it. She started screaming at me but I just left the “party” prematurely with the gift in tow.

My whole family is blowing up my phone because I “ruined her birthday”. In my eyes, I spent 150$ to get no thank-you and yelled at. This will teach her a valuable lesson and maybe spark a change in her teen angst phase. But my family doesn’t want to hear from me until I give it back. Considering I’ve got my entire family shi**ing on me, I have to wonder if I did make the wrong choice. So did I go too far here?

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