Am I Wrong for telling my late dad’s ILs that their granddaughter is not my responsibility.

Death of a father is not easy for a child. But being strong and moving ahead in life is the right decision for you and the people around you. In this story a teen brother took care of his sister after their father’s death and didn’t want anything to do with his stepsister. Read the whole story and do you agree with his decision?

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I’m 19m and my younger sister Calla 15f lives with me. Our dad and his wife died three months ago. Mine and Calla’s mom died when we were younger, dad and his wife had been married for 4 years. His wife had a daughter, Lacey, who is now 5. When CPS became involved because both were left orphans, I stepped up to take my sister. I was already working full time since I skipped college and I just about had what I needed to take care of my sister. They asked me about Lacey and I told them I just wanted to take my sister.

Lacey was placed with her grandparents, my dad’s ILs. They became aware of the fact Calla came to live with me and that I had been offered the chance to take their granddaughter and refused. Once they learned this they asked me why, and then pestered me about it for weeks. Finally they told me they were older and she could use as much family as possible and that she misses Calla (she wouldn’t really remember me). I asked Calla if she wanted to see her and she said not really.

So I told them we were not interested in staying in their granddaughter’s life. They told me she’s our little sister, that my dad would have wanted us to stick together. I told them I didn’t care what my dad wanted. They said not to punish a child for the sins of my parents. I blocked them and continued on with things until they sought me out on social media via one of their older grandkids and told me that I should be ashamed of myself and their granddaughter deserves to be with her siblings and be raised by me since I’m young, fit and healthy and could run around after her like they can’t, and will be around a lot longer than them. I replied once that their granddaughter is not my responsibility and that I wanted them to leave me and my sister alone, because we have no reason to be in touch ever again.

That wasn’t the end and they called me selfish and cruel a few times via another account. So I had to set my account to private to stop them.

Am I Selfish ? How would you react after hearing such accusations?

ETA: Making clear that Lacey was my dad’s stepdaughter, not his daughter.

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