Am I Wrong Going Against Wife Wishes When Purchasing Our First Home.

The importance of a home in human life cannot be overstated. Home is where we maintain our family, where we feel protected, and where we have total freedom. When one intends to buy a house it is with the intention of fulfilling every member’s needs in the house. Read the story to know what happened in this house searching process and do you agree with the husband’s idea?

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We started the home searching process three months back and this has run in to some problems. My wife has 3 kids and while they are not biologically mine, I still care for them as though they are. So when purchasing a home I obviously have to look for something big enough to house 5 people and the pets. The loan is 100% in my name because her credit is still not great. She’s working on it though. None of this really matters too much but they are little details regardless.

Now when we were originally searching, a 4 bedroom was what we discussed. That way the kids could all have their own rooms. But I found a 3 bedroom that is absolutely gorgeous and I truly fell in love with it. It’s a good size house. Bedroom sizes are decent, bigger than the rooms we have now. So I don’t see an issue with the girls sharing a room like they are currently. They are still young anyhow. This house is $85k less than market value currently and I feel the need to jump on it. Something about the home is just drawing me in and I can’t stop thinking about it.

My wife hates it. Not the house. She thinks the house is gorgeous as well but she is concerned about it only being 3 bedrooms. Says she doesn’t want her kids sharing a room their entire childhood life because it’s “not fair” and they deserve their own space. And I totally get that but realistically I could just build an addition in the future or even finish up the basement at some point to add an extra bedroom. Currently it’s a dirt basement but I can re-do it.

I ran these details by my wife and she just looked disgusted. Said that I was going back on our plans and that now she was going to have to deal with the backlash from the kids because they were excited about getting their own space and said I put her in a bad spot. She also made a comment about “I don’t feel comfortable putting a bunch of my money toward something that doesn’t even fit my family’s needs”. But I’m dead set on this house and she thinks I’m an AH because she’s not seeing it the way I am. Am I Wrong?

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