Am I Wrong On How Responded When My Fiance’s Sister Commented On My Flat Chest.

I believe that the topic of tiny breasts is frequently disregarded in the body acceptance community. It’s all about accepting your weight and your curves, but what if you don’t have any curves, let alone breasts? Is it right to keep taunting a woman with flat chest? Here in this story a sister in law kept commenting on the woman’s flat chest. Read the whole story and how would you react to such a situation?

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To get this out of the way: I’m a flat chested girl. I suffered from health issues and growth problems so I’m small but I’m proud of myself.

My fiance and I went over to his parents house for his niece’s birthday. I wore a sweetheart shaped dress and my sil (Mel) who always comments on my chest, saw the dress and went like “this dress needs boobs, you ain’t got any”. I ignored her but then at dinner she asked if I was planning on getting plastic surgery before the wedding so that I don’t “ruin” the wedding dress. I found this offensive especially when others were watching. I said nothing but when we were sitting in the living room later,

Mel suddenly started wiping her nose and trying to clear it (it’s stuffed due to cold apparently). She has a large nose so I smiled and asked “do you need help with that? I could get the plunger for you.”. She was stunned and the room got awkward after her husband was laughing. She was fuming and told my fiance that I stepped out of line and ruined her daughter’s birthday with my words that humiliated her. My fiance said I shouldn’t have caused a scene after his parents told us to leave. I explained how her comments made me feel but he said she said it was out of concern but my comment was out of hate.

Now she’s expecting an apology. Did I go too far here?

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