Am I Wrong Taking My Parent’s Side When My Brother Came Out Of The Closet

One must respect a person regardless of the colour, age or even the gender-male, female, gay, lesbian. Here in this story a boy told the truth to his family about him being gay. Read the story to know why he was upset and do you agree with his reaction.

Source: Reddit

My family has always been liberal and have not been shy about other people knowing it. Like they would have the who they are voting for signs of the front porch. Everyone in the family is also fine with LGBT + community and supports it.

So my (16M) brother (19 M) came out as gay today to the whole family. My parents smiled and said congratulations and we will always love you/support him. Then the whole thing was dropped and we moved on with our day. My brother has been angry that my parents didn’t have a bigger reaction and has been giving them the cold shoulder. He came into my room and was ranting to me about it.

He wanted me to go with him to confront my parents. That’s when I said, “Dude they don’t care about who you like to bang, their response was fine. Isn’t this the end goal, for people to not care about peoples sexual orientation and be treated the same. You know they support this, what kind of response did you want? Them jumping for joy? tears? being angry? Well, he called me an a**h**e and I wanted to know if I was?

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