Am I Wrong -Telling My Pregnant Wife That She’s Selfish For Not Wanting To Gain Weight.

Being pregnant is not easy. For some it does take a toll like morning sickness, body pain, weakness. When you’re pregnant, you may feel as if your body isn’t your own, particularly if others comment on your weight. Is it, however, acceptable for a husband to object to his pregnant wife’s diet? In this story a husband called his wife “selfish” for not eating enough according to him. Read the story and do you think he is right in doing so.

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I am 33 years old and my wife is 29. We have been married for 6 months and she is 4 months pregnant.

My wife was a fashion model from age 15 to 24. She worked in high fashion and they really stressed the importance of being rail thin. My wife is 5’11 and I don’t think she’s ever weighed more than 125 pounds her entire life.

We found out about her pregnancy 2 months ago. The doctor said during the first 3 months of pregnancy she should aim to gain at least 5 pounds, especially since she’s underweight (currently 125 pounds). He wants her to gain like 30 pounds at least throughout the whole pregnancy. However she has not followed his advice and continues to eat very little (around 1000 calories a day).

My wife swears she has never had an eating disorder in her life but I think her years as a model really screwed with her head. It’s hard for her to wrap her mind around being anything but model-thin. I’m legitimately worried about this pregnancy and the health of our child.

Yesterday I made sure dinner consisted of some of her favourite dishes, to try and get her to eat more, but as usual she just picked at her food and ate very little then proclaimed she was “full”. I straight up said “You are being incredibly selfish and putting our baby’s health at risk.”

She started crying and left the table. I know what I said was harsh but I am very frustrated with her. I tried to get her to see a therapist, I even found one that deals especially with eating disorders and body dysmorphia, but she refused to go because she says she is “perfectly fine.” Am I wrong? Am I Overreacting?

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