Am I Wrong Telling My Son – To Go To University, Get A Job, Or Get Out.

Parenting is not an easy task. Each parent has their own way of dealing with their children. It is critical to discipline children and teach them responsibility. Read the story to find out why there was a schism in this family and share your thoughts.

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My wife and I have three children. They are 17, 15, and 10.

My oldest has no intention of doing anything after high school. He hasn’t made any of them clear to us.

So I gave him the same ultimatum my parents gave me. Either go to university, get a job, or GTFO. I chose to travel the world for two years. I had a lot of sailing experience, and my father had a lot of friends in that community, so I was able to sail around the world, earning money and working my a** off. It wasn’t a two year vacation.

My family is well off and I could have chosen an indolent life. But I knew I would be disappointed if I chose that. So when I got back, I enrolled in university and eventually went to work for the family business.

My wife thinks that I’m being unfair to our poor baby boy by throwing him out into the world. I’m not. We have the money to pay for his university. We have the money for all three kids.

My middle child will probably end up with a good chunk of it in her pocket. She is on track for an academic as well as a golf scholarship.

Who knows what the ten-year-old will do? But he knows the plan. We have not been secretive about this rule.

My wife and I agreed that we would raise productive members of society before we got engaged.

Her and my son think I’m being cruel to expect him to fend for himself at 18. I have offered him multiple opportunities to do other things. He has no interest in anything beyond his computer.

I am at a loss. I don’t think I’m wrong for expecting an adult to be an adult. My parents have already told him that they will not be giving him any money if he isn’t in school or working. My wife is threatening to use her salary to support him. I don’t have any say in that. I won’t actually kick him out of the house, but I will stop paying his bills and cut off our grocery budget by 20%. If she wants to work so he doesn’t have to, there is nothing I can do about that.

I need some advice on if I’m wrong ?

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