Am I Wrong Telling My Wife The Cat Is Still Her Responsibility Even If She Is Pregnant.

Not everyone wishes to have pets at home. Some want animals to be in their natural setting. In this anecdote, a wife insisted on having a cat on the condition that she be responsible for all cat tasks and that the husband have no involvement. However, read the story to find out what happens after the woman becomes pregnant, and what you believe the husband should do.

Source: Reddit

My wife (28) and I (36) are expecting our first baby. 3 years ago my wife decided she desperately wanted a cat. I hate cats and all animals in the house really so I was against it. She wouldn’t stop talking so finally we made a deal she could get a cat but it was her responsibility I would have nothing to do with it she agreed.

She stuck to her word and I stuck to mine. I mostly ignore the cat. Now she is pregnant and asked me if I can scoop the litter until she gives birth because of toxoplasmosis but I looked it up and as long as she wears gloves and washes her hands she should be good. So I told her absolutely not.

She wasn’t happy but I reminded her of our agreement when we got the cat. I told her it was her responsibility and if she didn’t want to take care of it anymore with the new baby coming we can get rid of it and find it a new home. She said no and has been scooping the litter. Her sister was over and saw her doing this and flipped out at me telling how dangerous it is. But of course her sister is going to be on her side and overreact. I never wanted the cat so I don’t see how I’m wrong.

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