Am I Wrong Wanting To Stay In The Same Room As My Wife.

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We went over to my (36F) wife’s (33F) side of the family for Christmas this year. Our family includes us and our two kids ( 4-Male and 6-Female). Usually, we spend the holidays either at home or we travel. Mostly because my In-Laws don’t really like me.

Everything was kind of okay during the day and over dinner. There were some snarky comments and bitter words but nothing out of proportion to what I expected from them.

Late at night when we wanted to go to sleep, my MIL told me she had made the same arrangement as when I visited them before for Christmas. That was over 8 years ago and I was my wife’s girlfriend back then. I said I imagined the accommodation would change to us both staying the night in the same room. My BIL and SIL share a room with their spouse. MIL said she thought it would be more appropriate this way.

I told my wife and she said it was outrageous. Especially because we were going to be there for one night only and we would leave in the morning. I said it was too disrespectful on my In-Laws’ behalf and that I wasn’t going to stay there. My wife agreed. I arranged for us to stay in a hotel room for the night and we left, despite MIL’s protests.

In the morning, FIL called and told me I was being selfish and petty and preventing them from seeing their daughter and grandchildren. BIL texted something similar, accused me of not wanting to stay in their parents’ home because it wasn’t like mansions we live in and called me entitled for overreacting.

I’m wondering. Was I wrong to leave in the middle of the night?

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