Amber describes using make-up and ‘super heavy, red matte lipstick’ to conceal injuries

While speaking on James Corden’s chat show, Amber Heard detailed needing to wear makeup to conceal the bruises incurred by Johnny Depp. The actress said Depp headbutted her and tried to choke her with a pillow, and she felt she was going to die.

The following evening, in December 2015, she went on The Late Late Show to promote her film The Danish Girl, and she said that she had to conceal her scrapes and injuries.

In her blockbuster defamation trial, she testified that her make-up crew had to work around the injuries and apply ‘super thick, red matte lipstick’ to conceal her wounded lip.

She explained she was scared that she wouldn’t be able to cover the bruising and swelling. She iced it all night and looked in the mirror the next day to see if she could get away with it, meaning conceal it, so she could make an appearance.

She took a chance and believed she might be able to pull it off, so she had her hair and makeup crew arrive. They worked around it, that is, they used hair spray to cover up the sores on her head since they sting. They worked around the bruises by using thick makeup, more makeup than regular bruise concealer makeup.

They worked around the bruises by using thick makeup, more makeup than regular bruise concealer makeup. She recalled her lip was still bleeding and swollen, so they applied this very thick extremely heavy matte red lipstick, and she recalled very well at the time that they didn’t have a choice in hue, and that was one of her favorite colors to wear.

On this particular occasion, they had no option since they needed to conceal her broken lip. She told them she had a mishap. Heard described the previous night’s assault to the jury Tuesday, saying Depp repeatedly hit her in the head and pulled her by her hair.

Before hitting her, he remarked, does she truly want to go now?’ She added she looked him in the eyes. It was a really quiet time. He asked whether she was going to go now, troublemaker. When she glanced up at him, he balled his fists, leaned back, and headbutted her straight in the nose.

She felt scorching agony straightaway. It’s one of the few recollections she has of bodily pain, scorching anguish. Depp pulled Heard by the hair into a nearby flat, she said, leaving pieces of hair all over the floor. He jumped on top of her, burying her face in a pillow, and began pounding her.

Heard stated he’s attempting to hold her with his knee on her back and beating her with a clenched hand repeatedly. She recalls Johnny’s voice being close to her ear and shouting over and over again. He kept saying he hates her. His fist was pounding on the back of her skull.

She could hear herself scream till she couldn’t anymore. She could only hear him swear he was going to kill her and he seemed like an animal in misery when he said he fked loathed her.

He sounded strange, as if he was in pain. He simply kept hitting her over and over. She became quite still, and her body felt very silent. She assumed this was how she was going to die, that he was going to murder her immediately. He’s going to kill her without even realizing it.

She couldn’t take a breath. She remembered wanting to scream, but she couldn’t because she was suffocated in this pillow top and he was pounding her. She does not remember anything after that till she woke up.

Heard also sobbed on the stand during an emotional day, detailing how Depp sexually attacked her with a alcohol bottle during emotive testimony that the actor’s defense team dubbed the “performance of her life.”

The claimed attack occurred in March 2015 in Australia, at their leased property where he was shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

This is the same episode that resulted in Depp’s finger being severed. Heard, he alleged, tossed a whiskey bottle at him, severing it. Heard stated that she did not see Depp’s fingertip being severed.

Heard recounted, sobbing hysterically at some point, he’s on top of me, yelling, he hates her, she wrecked his fking life. She is on the counter, and he’s got her by the neck and on top of her.’

She stares into his eyes and she does not see him any longer. It wasn’t him; instead, it was dark. She never felt so terrified in her life. He had his gaze fixed on her. She was trying to get through to him, to tell him it was all her in some way. Attempting to break through to Johnny.

Her head was slamming against the back of the bar and she couldn’t breathe. ‘Her head was slamming on the back of the bar and she couldn’t breathe. She recalls trying to get up to warn him he was seriously inflicting pain on her. She couldn’t take a breath and was unable to contact him. She couldn’t get out of bed.

On the stand, Heard got overcome with emotion at this time. The next thing she remembers is being leaned over backwards on the bar, looking at the blue light. Her back was against the counter. She thought he was going to hit her. She could feel his arm moving and felt pressure on my pubic bone. He appeared to be hitting her and could feel the pressure.

She does not recall what she said; all she remembers is being very still and not wanting to move. She recalled staring around the room, seeing all the shattered bottles and broken glass, and not wanting to move since she didn’t know if it was broken, or if the bottle he had inside of her was broken.

She was unable to feel it, she couldn’t feel torment, she couldn’t feel nothin.’ She saw so much shattered glass that she wasn’t sure if he’d notice if it was damaged or not, and she remembered thinking, please go, I hope it’s not broken. She is not sure how that finished. She is not sure how she got off the counter.

All she recollected is being in the bathroom. The sound her voice was creating reminded her of retching. She was unable to control her bladder. She recollected retching and seeing blood on the floor.

Depp’s team claims the actress’ abuse stories have morphed with ‘new and convenient elements,’ and they want to expose her falsehoods during questioning.

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