Amber Heard Brings Up Old Claim Johnny Depp Pushed Kate Moss Down The Stairs.

With Amber Heard affirming in the Johnny Depp defamation trial, the Virginia Court is learning a lot. There are new claims and responses that no one could have predicted. The Aquaman actress makes reference to the actor’s involvement with Kate Moss and charges that he threw her down the stairs in a new statement. Scroll down for more information.

Johnny dated Kate in the 1990s, for the uninitiated. He was 31 at the time, while the actress was only 20. They met through a mutual acquaintance and hit it off right away. Their romance, affair, and PDA were the talk of the town. However, things quickly turned sour, and JD subsequently accepted blame for their relationship going downhill.

There were rumors in 1994 that Johnny Depp damaged a hotel room while Kate Moss was inside. He was apparently detained for the same reason, and photographers captured images of the couple’s verbal altercation. However, he was later released after he paid for the damages.

Amber Heard previously revealed the Kate Moss relationship, but she has now exploited it to demonstrate Johnny’s aggressive tendencies. During her most recent appearance on the stand, the actress remembered their furious quarrel in 2015, during which she reportedly hit him for the first time.

Amber Heard asserts Johnny Depp called her a f*****g p***y and chased her up the stairs in rage. When things became violent, her sister Whitney was forced to intervene. “She put herself in harm’s way.” She was pleading with Johnny to stop. Johnny strikes at her with her back to the stairwell… “I don’t hesitate or wait; I immediately think of Kate Moss and stairs,” she continued.”

She smacked him right in the face for the first time. He also did not shove her sister down the stairs. She  hadn’t even scored one on Johnny at that stage in our relationship. Johnny looks shocked, then laughs at Amber, then rushes at her again.

She was referring to reports she had heard from many sources that Johnny Depp shoved Kate Moss down the stairs. During the 2020 libel trial, the actress even acknowledged it.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp’s attorney issued a statement in which he described Amber Heard’s testimony on the stand as a “performance of her life.”

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