Amber Heard plans to APPEAL after losing defamation case to Johnny Depp

According to Amber Heard’s her representative, the actor plans to petition today’s decision in her denouncement case against Johnny Depp that left her owing her ex-husband a massive $10.35million.  

The judges ruled in favour of all three of Depp’s denouncement claims against Heard, concluding that she had deceptively alleged him of domestic exploitation.

Depp was endowed $15million, $10million in reparation and $5million in penal damages. The judge later capped the damages maximum of $350,000 leaving the actor with an over-all of $8.35million.

On the other hand, Heard gained just one of her three countersuit entitlements, which associated to declarations made by Depp’s attorney telling she and friends had cluttered their apartment before calling the cops. She was given just $2million in compensatory reimbursements out of the $100million she was looking for and nothing in penal compensations.

Though it is yet to be seen on what basis Heard plans to plea. To be allowed a plea, she would possibly need to prove that there were faults in the hearing or in the ruling judge’s interpretation of the law.

In a testimonial after the judgment, Heard said that the discontent she feels now is cannot be expressed on words. She added that she is broken-hearted that the mountain of proof still was not sufficient to stand up to the unequal power and influence of her ex-husband.

Heard further said that she is even more upset with what this judgment means for other womenfolk. She said that it is like going back in the time when a female who spoke up and spoke out could be openly humiliated and degraded.

Heard continued and stated that she consider Depp’s lawyers throve in getting the judges to oversee the important issue of Freedom of Speech and disregard proof that was so decisive.  

As Heard left court, she appeared sad while ascending into a van with blacked out windows with her sister Whitney. Contrary to this, Depp spent the day rejoicing at a pub in the UK with rock stars Jeff Beck and Sam Fender.

Depp said in a testimonial that 6 years ago, his life, the life of his kids, the lives of those next to him and also the lives of the folks who for many years have supported and trusted in him were constantly altered. He further added that 6 years later, the judges gave his life back and that he is truthfully humbled.

Depp prosecuted Heard for $50million claiming that she offended him with an op-ed article in the WaPo in 2018 in which she claimed to be a survivor of domestic exploitation.

Heard countersued for $100million claiming that Depp’s attorney made offensive testimonials by calling her entitlements a fraud.

Subsequently the epic hearing started on April 11, Depp has called 38 witnesses while Heard’s team called 24. The judges saw loads of texts, pictures, videotapes, medical chronicles and even pages from their ‘Love Journal’ they hand wrote to each other.

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