Amber Heard Reportedly Only Has Less Than 10 Minutes Screen Time In New Aquaman Film.

Amber Heard’s profession may already be suffering as a result of Johnny Depp’s trial; she is said to have a far lesser role in ‘Aquaman 2’… totalling to only minutes.
Amber will reportedly appear in fewer than 10 minutes of screen time in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” as per film journalist Grace Randolph, who is known for getting great comic book movie scoops like this.

There was no more context provided, which is key to comprehending this particularly, whether Amber’s alleged lessened presence  is a recent development or whether it’s been written that way since the beginning. Regardless, it’s intriguing that this news is breaking right now.
The film was completed in January, with director James Wan sharing a congratulations Instagram alongside Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson (a new character)… but oddly, without mentioning Amber. She was a major character in the first film, as Jason’s love interest, and yet nothing.

Jason doesn’t seem to have been tagging, posting with, or discussing Amber on his social media in the last several months, which is very suggestive. He’s been doing some ‘Aquaman’ promotions here and there, yet usually solo or with Pat.
In addition, Amber doesn’t appear to have been doing alot, if any, promotion for ‘Aquaman 2.’ Most of her Instagram activity revolves around her personal life, with the exception of an October post in which she shared a photo of herself with typical Mera red hair, simply commenting… “Red-dy.”

Obviously, the film’s release date has also been pushed back; it was intended to be released around the holidays this year, but Warner Bros. pushed it back to March, stating COVID-related production delays.The ‘Aquaman’ sequel has been in progress for quite a while, and Amber has been confirmed to reprise her part from the beginning. The issue is, is the experiment having an effect? The truth is that we ordinary people won’t ever be aware without a doubt, except if somebody higher up gives everything away.These films are live, breathing beings that are susceptible to change until they are released. Considering this rumor is accurate, WB could simply ascribe Amber’s absence to narrative considerations rather than the legal discoveries that have surfaced in recent weeks.

Having said that, admirers of Johnny, of which there are many throughout this trial, are likely ecstatic to hear this news. As you may be aware, there is an informal petition circulating requesting for her to be recast in ‘Aquaman 2,’ with over 2.7 million signatures.

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