Amber Heard Says She ‘Felt Less Than Human’ During Johnny Depp Trial

Amber Heard is speaking up about her six-week-long defamation case against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, describing what it was like to face enormous throngs of his devoted supporters.

Part one of her interview with “TODAY’s” Savannah Guthrie, which aired on Tuesday, featured the “Aquaman” star reflecting on the duelling defamation court hearing, in which a Virginia jury eventually ruled that she had slandered Depp in an op-ed, and explaining why the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star’s “energised” fans made her feel “less than human” during the court case.

Heard, 36, was summoned to Guthrie that each day, she passed three, four, sometimes six city blocks lined with individuals carrying posters shouting, ‘Burn the witch,’ ‘Death to Amber.’ After three and a half weeks, she took the stand and saw only a courtroom filled with vociferous, passionate Captain Jack Sparrow supporters.

When Guthrie questioned Heard if she could, she responded yes. This was the most embarrassing and horrific thing she has ever gone through, the actress stated. She has never felt so detached from her compassion. She was feeling less than human.

On June 1, following six weeks of testimony and nonstop media coverage, a decision in the defamation case was rendered – and the jury completely sided with Depp.

The jury unanimously decided in favour of the actor, stating that Heard made her accusations “with genuine purpose.” They also awarded Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive penalties. Because punitive damages are limited in Virginia, Heard will only have to pay $350,000 of the $5 million.

Heard did win a tiny success, with the jury ruling that remarks made by Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman were derogatory and awarding her $2 million in compensatory damages.

Meanwhile, Heard explained how she felt on the day of the judgement during a 10-minute segment of the interview that aired on Wednesday.

Guthrie inquired, did she feel confident? and Heard stopped before responding, that’s a wonderful question. She then stated, she really wished she could say yes to it. She wants to say yes to Guthrie, but it’s not true.

The actress further elaborated on her belief that social media had a part in the judgement, arguing that it “would’ve been hard” for a panel to “ignore” the pro-Depp debate on social media.

The great majority of this case, she believes, was acted out on social media. This trial, she believes, is an illustration of something gone wild, gone haywire. And the jury isn’t blind to it, Heard contended, prompting Guthrie to ask whether she believes the jury “saw” “coverage on social media”

Heard responded that how couldn’t they? She believes even the most well-intentioned jury could not have avoided this.

Nevertheless, in a teaser video for the sit-down interview, which was released on Monday, “The Stand” star emphasized that she did not “shame” the panel for siding with Depp.

Heard stated she can’t say she faults them. She definitely comprehends. He’s a well-liked celebrity, and many people believe they know him. He’s an excellent performer.

Meanwhile, the “Pineapple Express” star has been more open about her feelings about her abuse on social media and the public’s image of her.

She added she does not care what anyone thinks of her or what judgements one wants to make about what occurred in her own house, in her marriage, behind closed doors. She doesn’t believe the average individual should be aware of these facts. As a result, she doesn’t take it personally.

Heard stated that even if one thinks she isn’t worthy of all this anger and hostility, even if one thinks she is dishonest, one couldn’t look her in the eye and tell her that there’s been a balanced portrayal on social media.

Finally, as shown in Tuesday’s video, she stated that she “stand[s] by” her claims of abuse against Depp, later adding that she was “speaking truth to power” throughout the case.

She [shall] stick by every word of her testimony until the day she dies.

More from part one of the interview may be seen in the video. More of the interview will run on “TODAY” on Wednesday and in a “Dateline” special on Friday.

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  1. June 15, 2022

    […] Amber Heard has revealed that she ‘definitely still loves’ her ex-husband Johnny Depp, though once again accusing him of physical abuse throughout their relationship and arguing that her lack of obvious scars does not indicate her accusations were ‘false’ or a ‘big lie.’ […]

  2. June 15, 2022

    […] Amber Heard has revealed that she ‘definitely still loves’ her ex-husband Johnny Depp, though once again accusing him of physical abuse throughout their relationship and arguing that her lack of obvious scars does not indicate her accusations were ‘false’ or a ‘big lie.’ […]

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