Amber Heard’s IMDb Page Changed to ‘Amber Turd’ on Google

Amber Heard is pooping in the midst of the Johnny Depp trial, or at least her name is, as per a Google search and the International Movie Database.

Indeed, it looks like someone has altered AH’s official name to “Amber Turd” somewhere inside IMDb’s CMS, so that it appears that way when you Google her. This is what appeared in the search results on her IMDb page as of Saturday afternoon.

When you go to her real profile on the site, though, her name is spelt correctly. BTW, the ‘Turd’ misspelling shows on both desktop and mobile, indicating that it is not a typo. This appears to be a purposeful modification… yet it’s muddled who the fault lies with.

As previously said, we believe this is an IMDb issue rather than a Google one. The IMDb blunder was first reported by Reel 360 News.

In any event, this stunt/prank is clearly inspired by the notorious “delivery” that was supposedly left behind after one of Johnny and Amber’s confrontations on her birthday in 2016. Johnny claims he went and when he returned he discovered a massive chunk of feces on his bed.

Amber has long denied culpability, claiming it was one of their tiny dogs however Johnny Depp has called her out, as has one of his security guards/drivers, who asserted that Amber informed him it was a “terrible practical joke gone bad” on the way to Coachella the following day.

Johnny asserted about it a few weeks ago on the stand, calling it ludicrous and ugly yet evidently discovering some amusement in the weird memory.

As ridiculous as Amber’s poop story appears to be and the internet has jumped on it, it might become crucial during cross-examination. The truth is… this all boils down to validity and authenticity — and if she doubles back on her dog allegation again, she may lose credibility with the jury. No one believes the doo-doo originated from anything other than a person.

The more this trial goes on, the more it appears to be a he-said-she-said situation and any feeling of fabrication may be harmful. However, the individuals have spoken on the matter of feces.

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