“And She Never Had The Guts To Bully Me Again.”

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There was this girl that gave me SUCH a hard time in school (We’ll call her Diane). So Diane for some reason just never liked me and she would do very mean things to me all year.

She once changed the password to my social media account so I couldn’t log in, she had a Burn Book where she wrote my name in it and passed it around the classroom so they could write insults about me, she came up with “code names” for me so she could openly talk shit about me and I wouldn’t know it. The worst thing she ever did was humiliate me in front of the class until they were all laughing at me. I forgot what she even did since this was such a long time ago, but it pushed me over the edge and I attempted suicide that night.

There was this poetry contest at our school, and it was a BIG deal. The entire school was raving about it and Diane was really determined to win. She told everyone she knew that her poem was the best and she was gonna win. I told her I was thinking about entering and she told me “Well you’re not gonna look very good compared to ME.”

I gathered up the courage to enter the poetry contest. I spent days and days and days putting my entire heart and soul into this poem trying to make a good one. When I was certain that this was the best poem I had ever written, I submitted it.

At the end of the year, the whole school was at this assembly where they announced the winners of the poetry contest. They called my name and Diane’s name and a few other people and gave us all certificates. If one of us unwrapped the certificate and it said “1st place” and included 10 dollars, one of us is the winner.

Diane unwrapped hers, and her certificate said “2nd place”. She was beyond PISSED. I remember she was like “Who the hell would get first place over me???” And I instantly get filled with panic because I thought “if she was in 2nd place, does that mean I’m in 3rd place?” and I unwrapped my certificate, the paper said “1st place” on it.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She demanded to see what I had on my paper. I didn’t say a word, I just held the paper in front of her face. And I just saw all of the color drain from her face. She was like, “Oh…” and she walked away.

And she never had the guts to bully me again. Because she knew that I was the one who won the poetry contest and she didn’t. So nothing she would have said to me would have any power anymore.

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