Apple Siri Service Saves The Injured Student’s Life.

7 Amazing Instances When Cellphones Saved Lives

1. It was a cold December morning back in 2013 when 18-year-old Connor Oliver of Blair, Nebraska, started his normal drive to school. About halfway there, Connor suffered a seizure and passed out. His truck rolled out of control into a cornfield and out of sight.

After about 90 minutes, he regained consciousness and reached to his pocket for his iPhone. His hands were frostbitten and nearly twice their normal size and he could barely handle the phone he kept drifting in and out of consciousness.

So finally he asked his phone’s Siri app to call 911. Quickly, rescue units began scouring the area for Connor, and after two hours, they found him by helicopter. Connor admits that if it wasn’t for his phone, he probably would have died.

2. Julie Fitzgerald of Rockford, Illinois, had some serious concerns about the unusual spots she noticed on her 2-year-old son’s eyes. When she did a search online of the symptoms, she came across an unusual test to check for problems.

The site advised her to snap a picture of the boys eyes with her cellphone, and if it revealed a white glow, there could be very serious issues with that person’s eyes.

So Julie snapped the picture and the white glow was definitely present. She and her husband immediately got their son to a doctor, who informed them the boy had cancer, and 75 percent of his eye was covered in tumors.

Surgery was done immediately. The family confirmed that the photo taken by the cellphone saved the boy’s life.

3. After Daniel Kennedy walked his dog on Oct. 15, 2014, he returned to his apartment and noticed that a bunch of hooligans were messing with the water system that served his apartment complex.

When he gave chase to one of them, the man turned and fired a sawed-off shotgun on Daniel. The 25-year-old sustained serious injuries, but was able to make it back to his apartments and paramedics were called.

A doctor later confirmed that, although Daniel’s injuries were severe, they would have been much worse – possibly fatal — if his cellphone had not taken the biggest part of the blast from the shotgun.

4. In February of 2012, a man was struck with a bullet that would have surely pierced his heart. Instead, his iPhone took the brunt of the shot, stopping it from entering his body.

A soldier in Iraq also claimed the iPod he was carrying in Iraq took a bullet and probably saved his life.

5. When Belle Weaver spotted Kevin Weaver go into a diabetic seizure, she immediately called 911 to get him some quick, emergency help. But Belle is not exactly a normal person. As a matter of fact, she’s not a person at all. She’s a dog… a beagle to be more specific.

And when she found her owner, Kevin, going through something terrible, she grabbed his cell phone with her teeth and began biting on it… hitting the numbers 911.

When the operator heard her barking, it was enough of a signal to trace the call and get someone there immediately. Belle received the VITA Wireless Samaritan Award, given for using a cell phone to save someone’s life. She also received a medal for the act.

6. Here are a few to get you thinking: A Nokia phone saved a man’s life in Afghanistan after a bullet hit the handset;

In 2014, a Nokia Lumia 520 saved the life of a Brazilian police officer who was shot at by armed robbers;

In 2013, an HTC handset saved the life of a man when he was shot at by a robber in a gas station in Florida;

and a businessman who was shot in the chest by armed robbers in South Africa was saved when the gunman’s bullet deflected off his Huawei P8 Lite smartphone.

7. On Feb. 10, 2014, an 8-month-pregnant Tiffany Lynch of Weymouth, Massachusetts, became extremely dizzy and fell off her couch. She went unconscious, as her 3-year-old daughter, Aryanna, watched. But young Aryanna, now alone with her 1-year-old sister, sprang into action. She got her mom’s cellphone and, by using the pictures associated with the names, called her nearby cousin Kristine and left the message: “Mommy’s not waking up. I need you.”

Within a short time, Kristine got the message and got emergency help to Tiffany. Aside from the 3-year-old using her mom’s cellphone and dialing the cousin so close to them, Tiffany’s phone had a password that had to be entered by drawing a certain design on the phone.

Young Aryanna amazingly was able to crack that code to make the emergency phone call that saved her mother’s life. The local police department awarded her with a citation from the mayor, and she received a scholarship from a local pre-school. She also received a basket of toys. Very well deserved, Aryanna.

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