As A Child, Jennifer Aniston Longed To Be “Seen & Loved” By Her Mom | The Pain Of Unloved Daughters & Critical Moms Is Evident.

Jennifer Aniston speaking about how her relationship with her mother made her feel is somewhat many is able to relate to.

Aniston’s anxious relationship with mother, Nancy Dow started very early and sustained even after she made it big in Holywood. It had impacted her so much that she played a character in the movie “Dumplin” that very much look a lot like her mother.  

The 50 year old actress said that one of the reasons she actually valued the mother-daughter facet of it because it was much related in a way to what her mother and their relationship was. Jennifer said that her mother was a model and she was all about presentation and what she looked like and what the actress looked like.

The Hollywood star admitted that all she was looking for as a child was to be loved and cared for by her mother. Aniston said that she did not come out the model child that her mother would hope for and it was something that really resonated with her, this little girl just wanting to be seen and wanting to be loved by a mother who was too engaged with things that didn’t quite matter.

For Aniston, all of these taking place at the age of nine after being abandoned by her father. Left with just her mother, she depended on her mother and looked up to her. After all, she was her only parental figure. But painfully, Aniston discloses that she never found the ease and comfort she wanted from her mother.

Recalling her childhood, the actress said that her mother was very critical of her. Because her mother was a model, she was gorgeous and stunning. Aniston said that she is not gorgeous and perhaps, never was. She honestly still doesn’t think of her in that sort of light, which she feels is fine. She recalls that her mother was also very demanding. She would hold grudges that Aniston just found so petty.

Her mother was from the world of modelling and wanted her daughter to focus on her looks, something that never really resonated with Aniston. Instead, she was left feeling ugly and apprehensive.

As Jennifer Aniston grew up, things became worse between the adored star and her mother. The mother-daughter pair started growing apart over the years and even stopped speaking to each other. Not capable to tolerate her mother’s anger, Aniston decided it was best for her to stay away.

Remembering instances from her childhood, Aniston said, “If I get upset, I will discuss things. I will never scream and get hysterical like that. But I was never taught that I could scream.” She continued,” One time, I raised my voice to my mother, and I screamed at her, and she looked at me and burst out laughing. She was laughing at me for screaming back. And it was like a punch in my stomach.”

These instances stressed their relationship and the actress openly spoke of it many times. However, after her divorce from Brad Pitt, Aniston tried to connect up with her mother. She even said that her mother was not aware of how her past words and actions affected Aniston in the long run.

Aniston said that her mother was missing what was actually important. The actress thinks that she was just holding on and doing the best she could, struggling financially and dealing with a husband who was no longer there. Aniston added that being a single mom in the ’80s was pretty crappy.

Jennifer Aniston’s mother, Nancy Dow, apparently dies at 79. Though she exposed their relationship was “fine”, but the scars never fully restored. They kept little contact till Nancy’s death in 2011.

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