At The Parlour Woman Goes Bald Just To Bring A Smile On The Girl’s Face.

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So today, I called off work last minute because I’ve been so sick. But I needed to get my hair trimmed desperately so I figured I would run into a salon and get it done really quick after I dropped off my little sister for my dad.

When I walked in, there was a little girl with BEAUTIFUL long blonde hair with her mom. The little girl was crying and the mom was too. I was sat next to them and before they started shampooing my hair I over heard the mom say “don’t worry, after chemo it’ll grow back”. It broke my heart. So I walked over and introduced myself, her name was Rachel. She was 8 years old and she had stage 3 cancer- a tumor in the right part of her brain. She was so upset over losing her hair, but complimented mine. So I sat down and said “hair is overrated let’s do this together. It’ll always grow back”. I actually saw her laugh when they shaved my head because I had them stop halfway to make me look completely ridiculous.

I have never been so happy to do something in my entire life, and too see a little girl with so much joy, when in reality in so much pain. Truth be told, she probably won’t live to see the age of 16, 21, her first boyfriend, her first dance, etc. But I stress over little things and stayed home because I have a cold. I don’t regret this experience whatsoever, I mean it’s hair. Guess today I can officially call myself G.I. Jane 😎 and also today..I bought my first wig. Lol

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