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Authorities Identify Woman Who Drove Over Graves At Veterans Cemetery.

Officials have recognized the lady shown on CCTV driving over graves at Houston National Cemetery.

According to the Harris County Pct. 4 Constable’s Office, the accused cooperated with authorities, confessing that her vehicle had got blocked at the graveyard after her hubby, a veteran, became unwell as a result of his diabetes.

She indicated she realised she needed to bring him something to eat fast, thus, she drove through the parked automobiles that had her vehicle blocked in, and on to the cemetery grounds. She had no idea she had caused any harm. The accused handed Constables a written statement confessing to what she had done, the Constable’s Office said.

After being informed of the circumstances, representatives of the soldiers’ cemetery opted to withdraw criminal proceedings. According to the Constable’s Office, the parties agreed that the accused would pay for all damages done by her actions.

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