Autistic Boy Build 26Ft Long Titanic Replica.

8 stories of unbelievable Lego creations.

1. Brynjar Bigisson, a 15-year-old autistic boy from Iceland, put together something pretty incredible with some 56,000 lego pieces. He made a 26-feet long replica of the Titanic, and it looks just great.

It took Brynjar 700 hours to build it and his grandfather helped him with the design of it. Friends and family donated money to help pay for the Legos, which came to about $10,000. That’s some pricey legos.

Not too surprisingly, Brynjar wants to be a captain when he grows up.

2. Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida of Australia actually built a functional car with more than half a million Legos. And the price came in at a whopping $60,000.

But the guys are more than satisfied with their hot-rod black and yellow Lego-mobile. The only non-Lego parts are the wheels, tires and gauges. The car is drivable and it’s powered by… air.

3. 18-year-old David Aguilar lives in the tiny country of Andorra. And he was born with just a stump for his right arm. David never whined or moaned about it. Instead, he did something about it. He created his own prosthetic arm… with Legos. And he can actually open and close his Lego hand by muscles he uses in his stump.

It took him 9 years to work on and make it viable for him.

4. Couple of years ago, 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee of Santa Clara, California, wondered how blind people could read. So he Googled it. Then, he found out Braille printers cost $2,000, and that was far too much for anyone to spend for the joy of reading.

So the teen was able to construct a Braille printer that costs only $350, and weighs a lot less. And to build his initial model, he used Legos. The project was pretty worthwhile, considering tech giant Intel invested in his startup.

5. One of Christina Stephens lower legs was crushed in an accident a while back. So she made her own prosthetic leg out of something with the perfect name… Leg..Os…

And with it, she can get around just like anybody else with legs.

6. John McCambridge of Scotland couldn’t pay for professionals to put together his idea. So he did it himself… with Legos. John developed a maths learning app to help pupils. But he needed a server to bring the app to students. So he made one himself… with Legos to hold it all together. Genius.

Says John: “I could hear the server humming while I was trying to get to sleep but I would know people were being assisted and it was a comforting feeling.”

His app now has more than 3,000 users.

7. Husbands who have hobbies are generally expected to deal with it in the garage or shed or maybe even a small corner of a spare room. Gerry Burrows had to tell his wife his hobby was going to take up an entire room in their house. Bet that went over well, especially when he showed her what he was building in that room.

It was a 540-square-foot castle. It’s 28-feet long and 9-feet high, and he used 250,000 Lego bricks to build it.

Inside the castle is a tribute to his and his wife’s wedding day. Of course, that was probably the least he could do while taking up an entire room in the house for a Lego castle.

8. If you’ve EVER stepped on a Lego piece in your bare feet, your dog will be whimpering from your loud screams and colorful language. Your cat will hide. And your kids will pretend they’re asleep.

Nick Harvey had had enough of that. So he outsmarted the Lego pieces by constructing some Lego shoes for himself. So the next time he walks through a room with Legos and he steps on one, he won’t scream. He’ll just be a little bit taller. 

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