Autistic Boy Confesses Dark Secret, Santa Grabs Him And Speaks 5 Words.

Santa showed up at the RiverTown Crossings Mall in Michigan, and little 6-year-old Landon had a very important question for the jolly old man. The little guy, who has autism, was very nervous about asking Santa his question, but he did anyway.


“Will my autism put me on the naughty list?” Landon’s mom, Naomi, heard him ask the question, and her heart sank. But Santa pulled little Landon closer to him and said, You know I love you and the reindeer love you and it’s OK. You’re a good boy. You’re a good boy, you know?” Landon was no longer nervous, and his mom was so thankful that the mall Santa was able to calm her son so much.

She said that Santa was able to get across to him what she had been trying to tell him all along – that he was no better or worse than anyone else and that it was OK to be who he was. Landon and Santa talked for another five minutes, with the white-bearded man giving the little boy his complete, undivided attention.


And he answered all of his questions in jolly Santa fashion. Thanks to a visit with Santa, this little fellow got the confidence he had been searching for. And what a truly beautiful Christmas present that is.

Watch Landon’s story here – but be warned, you’re going to need a box of tissues by your side! This sweet boy and his experience with Santa will definitely make you tear up.

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