Autistic Boy Gets New Bike And A Helmet From An Anonymous Donor.

In Williamsburg, Virginia, an 11-year-old boy named D.J. was having a really nice day, so he decided to finally ride the bike he got for Christmas to the nearby park. But when he got there, he was beaten badly by two men who stole his bike.

They walked up to him and, without warning, struck DJ in the head with a metal rod. Then they ran off with his bike, and they even took his helmet.

DJ’s grandmother, Mary, had managed to scrape together $400 to buy the bike for him for Christmas. It was a brand new black and gold BMX, and he loved it.

DJ has autism, and he was used to kids being cruel to him at school, but he just wasn’t expecting to be treated so badly by others at the park.

After DJ’s story appeared on the news, an anonymous person dropped off for him a new bike and helmet. Someone ELSE then dropped off another bike and helmet, and his grandmother gave it to DJ’s brother.

If more gifts such as this come in for DJ, said his grandmother, she will give it to another needy child. The family, she said, appreciates all the kindness people have shown over this. 

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