Autistic Boy Visits The Stranger Everyday Who Saved Him And His Mother.

Bernadette Morley had a foolproof plan involving her 16-year-old son, Sam, who is autistic. It was his first day of high school and Bernadette had made the plan to pick up Sam at 3:30 after school at the bakery very close to his school. There was nothing… absolutely NOTHING… that could have gone wrong with that plan. But then again, Benadette had not figured into the equation the perfect storm, where even the best-thought-out plans can swiftly go down the drain.

The battery in Sam’s phone died, the battery in Bernadette’s CAR died. And with these two things… two horrible things that together prevented communication and a safe ride…. that perfect storm had brewed.

It was 3:30 and Sam was all alone at the bakery. Then it was 3:31… then 3:32. With the passing of every minute without his mom there, Sam grew more and more frantic. And there, right outside the bakery, Sam went into full meltdown mode. But, as fortune has it, an elderly Vietnamese woman stepped outside of her bakery and asked Sam to come inside. That helped, but it certainly did not fix things for Sam. So the woman calmly spoke with him and promised him that everything would be all right.

She then convinced Sam to give her his mom’s phone number so she could contact her, and he did. So the woman called Bernadette and Sam was able to hear her voice, and it calmed him. And soon, she was there to pick him up.

This actually happened back in 2013… more than 5 years ago. And practically every afternoon, Sam goes into that kind woman’s bakery and buys a Coke, and chats with her for a few minutes. And every day, she sends home with him several rolls and loaves of bread that she has made in her bakery. Bernadette KNOWS that that sweet woman not only saved her son back in 2013… but she saved HER as well.

Says Bernadette: “There are many kind strangers in Sam’s life that have been there for him. And believe me, if you’re wondering if this world is a complete dumpster fire right now, I’m here to testify that, it is not; not if the strangers who have selflessly helped my son are anything to go by.” 

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