Autistic Girl Regular To McDonald’s Didn’t Expect This By The Employees.

Source: Facebook

I’ll make this quick….my daughter lost her beloved gift from her GMA that passed away a week before Xmas. A Seattle Seahawks scarf that she absolutely loved! It completely broke her heart that it’s gone.

Her and my wife regularly go to the McDonald’s in Napavine Washington and order her French fries and hamburger with no meat! (I know its weird) Zac the manager is always there to accommodate her request with an extra treat for her!

Today was a special visit………

His coworker Brittany had seen the post on Facebook of her lost Seattle Seahawks Scarf and said this is the girl who comes here all the time for her French fries!

This blessed gentleman took it upon himself to buy her another scarf and SURPRISE her on the next visit! He told her it could never replace the lost one but didn’t want her not to have one.

As a father with a daughter with Autism, and all that comes with it, Sir my hat goes off to you and your generosity and your love for the community! McDonald’s should be blessed to have you as a Manager and you Zac deserve so much in life! You have made my daughter a fan for life. She already wants to work for McDonald’s when she grows up.

To Zac and Brittany thank you from the bottom of my heart! My wife and I have a letter for you managers to show our gratitude!

I can only hope that the right people at McDonald’s see this and give him the recognition that Zac deserves

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