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Baby born without jaw wasn’t expected to survive, now he inspires a whole world after finally finding his voice.

Isaiah Acosta of Phoenix, Arizona, exemplifies why one should never surrender one’s aspirations. He couldn’t speak or eat, and he still needs a breathing tube.

But Isaiah made it through, and he’s been a warrior ever since.

Tarah, Isaiah’s mom, described her son as a miracle in a documentary about his life. Isaiah, born on October 31, 1999, came in the world two weeks early.

Isaiah was born on October 31, 1999, two weeks before his due date. His mom saw early on that something was amiss with her beloved son. The physicians indicated that Isaiah may not live after a lengthy and emotional talk.

Everything in his body is a reversed mirror image. His gut, his heart, everything, Tarah said.

Because Isaiah was born without a jaw, his parents had to choose whether to rescue him or take the risk straight away. Tarah was warned that her kid would not be able to walk, speak, or even get out of bed.

The tiny fighter had agnathia, which caused his jaw to be missing. He had to breathe via a tracheal tube in his neck; however, Isaiah was born without oxygen for 15 minutes.

Even though his mother was terrified, she felt a strong bond with her kid. He was her son, not a condition.

She didn’t picture him as an infant with no jaw and all these tubes and cables breathing for him, she said. She had just seen him and thought he was her kid. They urged the physicians to keep working on him, and he fought to stay alive.

Isaiah is a living example of what one can do if one sets their mind to it, despite significant obstacles.

Isaiah’s charming attitude and brilliant grin can light up a room with a single expression!

Isaiah comes to school every day excited and ready to connect. He knits his community together; individuals desire to hear his story; they desire to be with him, Chris, his “favorite teacher,” stated

Isaiah is not only extensively engaged in community service, but he is also pursuing his passion of working in the music business, which is astounding given that this great young man cannot talk.

Isaiah has never tasted food since he lacks a lower jaw and upper airways, and he is fed six times a day via a feeding tube on his stomach.

Sadly, Isaiah’s condition causes him to become ill more often than others. He can’t breathe through his nose or mouth, therefore he doesn’t receive the same clean air.

Isaiah generally has the greatest difficulty during the dry Arizona winters.

Isaiah, on the other hand, is able to communicate not just via distinctive gestures and his phone, but also to create songs and rap.

Tikey “Trap House” Patterson of Phoenix provided the voice for Isaiah’s debut rap. Unfortunately, the rapper died of pancreatic cancer in January 2019.

One should constantly aspire to be able to accomplish what one wants to do, and never allow the views of others to prevent one from attaining one’s objectives, he advised Isaiah.

Isaiah has found encouragement in his fellow rapper to keep going. He even graduated from high school last year, something his family never imagined.

Isaiah said that he will carry on the legacy of his Trap House by telling their story and spreading love.

Isaiah has amassed a sizable social media following over the years, where he shares events from his daily life as well as his personal narrative.

His videos and photos are an excellent method of drawing attention to a very rare illness, one that sadly causes others to judge him only on his appearance.

In 2022, Isaiah revealed some good news to his 150,000 Instagram followers. Isaiah disclosed that the doctors operated on his nose in a picture taken after the operation.

Perhaps, after 22 years, he will be able to receive air flow via his nose, the young guy wrote.

In the video below, one may learn more about this wonderful young guy.

All Isaiah desires in life is a fair opportunity, and he aspires to assist those who are ill or appear different.

Isaiah has conquered several challenges, and I believe he will continue to do so and motivate many people.

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