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Baby Dolphin’s Reaction After Being Freed From Plastic Bag Is Magical

If you could not imagine how dangerous it is to throw trash in the open sea, you will understand after seeing this.

A group of farmers found a child in peril. A young dolphin, struggling across the surface of the water, unable to move because a lousy plastic bag was stuck on its fins and crest. Yes, it was nothing more than a plastic bag, but it represented such a danger because it could not get out of it on its own.

It took a lot of effort and patience, but these fishermen showed their patience and compassion. They took the effort to get to and catch the dolphin, and get the bag off of its body.

Eventually, finally, the dolphin was freed, and in a show of glee, it skipped and made a little dance of glee. One can only hope it never has to deal with something like it ever again.

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