Baby Girl Needs 13 Stitches On Her Face After An Emergency C-Section Gone Wrong

Denver residents Reazjhana and Damarqus Williams were overjoyed to welcome their daughter, Kyanni. They planned for a natural birth, but things didn’t go as planned.

When physicians couldn’t discover the baby’s heartbeat, they gave Reazjhana a medication to induce birth. She was hurried into the maternity unit for an emergency cesarean section before she realized it.

While C-sections may be frightening, the couple could not have predicted what occurred next.

The couple’s joy swiftly changed to fear after Kyanni was born, because the C-section inflicted a deep, enormous incision across their baby’s cheek.

A Denver couple said an emergency cesarean section left their newborn baby with a gash on her face. Reazjhana and Damarqus Williams daid that instead of joy and celebration for the new addition to their family, they are angry and frustrated. The couple said Kyanni came out of the C-section with a massive cut on her face that needed 13 stitches. “They said her face was close to the placenta wall,” Damarqus said. #video #BlackMoms #Blackmothers #baby #livingwhileblack #BlackFamilies

Posted by David Wayne on Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Reazjhana and Damarqus had to hand Kyanni to a plastic surgeon rather than bonding with her. The newborn’s face required 13 stitches.

Reazjhana expressed that she never heard of anyone having to cope with their baby’s face appearing like this after a C-section.

As the news spread, nurses around the country began to agree that these sorts of injuries after C-sections are extremely unusual.

The Williams family is now asking that the hospital be held responsible.

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